Autism is a popular topic in the news right now. Nobody wants to think that something could be wrong with their child. Then they watch a news report or hear someone talking about a child that has Autism and they start to wonder about their own child.

autism statistics - autism-speak-logoThe latest autism statistics reveal that autism rates have more than doubled since the turn of the century.

There are many symptoms of Autism and they vary between each child. Just because you see some of the symptoms of Autism in your child does not mean they are Autistic. There are several other medical conditions that have many of the same symptoms. Some children are just take longer to reach developmental milestones. Every child develops at his or her own rate. Just because your child is not talking by the time they are one year old does not mean for certain he or she has Autism.

There is no single test that can say for certain if your child has Autism.

It will require several appointments with different healthcare professionals to rule out other conditions that could be causing these symptoms in your child. Often, a child who is late to talk is thought to have a hearing issue first. After this possibility is ruled out, then the doctor can move onto evaluating for Autism.

Several health conditions can mimic the symptoms of Autism. Children always need to be evaluated for these other medical conditions first. This will help make sure that they receive the treatment that they really need. 

This infographic talks about what autism is.

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How Autism is Treated

Once you find out your child has Autism, you will then need to begin some type of treatment plan. There are many different treatments for Autism. Many parents worry that their children will have to take potentially dangerous medications. This is not true! While some Autistic children do need to take medications, not all Autistic children do. There are a lot of other treatments available for an Autistic child besides prescription medication.

Some people will go with a standard type of treatment plan, while others will try an alternative natural plan. Let’s take a look at some different types of treatment for Autism.

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Understanding how autistic children learn.

Understanding how Autistic children learn and think is key to teaching them. This may seem like a straightforward idea, but autistic children learn so differently that understanding autism itself is a must when you teach autistic children. By learning more about Autism, teachers can effectively learn to deal with autistic children and adults both in and out of the classroom, creating a more understanding world for everyone.

Autism and Learning - Autism speaks How does autism affect a way a person learns? This infographic takes a look at autism and learning.

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Many parents with Autistic children are afraid to let their kid be a kid. They get so wrapped up in their child’s treatment they forget to let him or her do fun kid things. They focus on keeping their child safe and tend to become overprotective. The child’s life becomes full of nonstop doctor visits and therapy appointments. These kids get little time to just be a kid. While it is important to keep your child safe, it is also important to give them time to do things they like.

Statistics show that more and more children are being diagnosed with Autism, but it may be the result of better diagnoses methods.

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