Your child’s name is one of the earliest and most lasting gifts you give to them. Of course, choosing a name that looks and sounds attractive is important. However, selecting a name with a significant meaning is an excellent way to start practicing the care and thoughtfulness you will put into raising and loving your precious son. Below we have chosen 20 of the most meaningful names for boys. 

Meaningful Boys’ Names 

A name with a significant meaning will give your son a sense of purpose, originating from you and your earliest decision for his life.

1. Aaron

Meaning: ‘exalted,’ ‘high mountain,’ and ‘strength.’ 

Hebrew in origin. 

Known Biblically as the name of Moses’ older brother, who was appointed first high priest of the Israelites by God, following their deliverance from Egypt. 

2. Booker 

Meaning: ‘scribe’ and ‘maker of books.’ 

English in origin. 

3. Caleb 

Meaning: ‘faithful,’ ‘devotion’ and ‘whole-hearted.’ 

Hebrew in origin.

4. Dylan

Meaning: ‘great,’ ‘son of the sea’ and ‘born of the ocean.’ 

Welsh in origin. 

5. Evan 

Meaning: the Welsh version of the Hebrew name John, meaning ‘God is gracious.’ 

6. Finnian 

Meaning: the English version of the Gaelic name, Fionnán, meaning ‘fair’ and ‘little fair one.’ 

7. Gabriel 

Meaning: ‘God is my strength.’ 

Hebrew in origin. 

Known best as the name of the Biblical archangel Gabriel, who brought Mary the news of her chosen position as the mother of God’s only Son. 

8. Hugh 

Meaning: ‘heart, mind, spirit’ and ‘intelligent.’ 

Germanic in origin. 

9. Isaac 

The Greek version of the Hebrew name, Yitzchak, meaning ‘laughter’ and ‘he who will laugh.’ 

10. Jason

Meaning: ‘healer’ and ‘to heal.’ 

Greek in origin. 

11. Killian 

Meaning: ‘church,’ ‘little church’ and ‘monastery.’ 

Irish in origin. 

12. Lowell 

Meaning: ‘wolf cub’ and ‘young wolf.’ 

French in origin. 

13. Michael 

Meaning: ‘who is like God.’ 

Hebrew in origin. 

Known as the name of the archangel Michael, from the Biblical Book of Daniel. 

14. Nathan 

Meaning: ‘gift from God,’ ‘giving’ and ‘rewarded.’ 

Hebrew in origin. 

15. Oliver 

Meaning: ‘olive tree,’ ‘fruitful’ and ‘peaceful.’ 

Latin in origin. 

Known as the central character of Charles Dickens’ famous novel, Oliver Twist. 

16. Patrick 

Meaning: ‘noble’ and ‘nobleman.’ 

Latin in origin. 

Known as the name of the acclaimed Irish patron, Saint Patrick.

17. Rodrigo

Meaning: ‘famous ruler.’ 

Spanish in origin. 

18. Sebastian

Meaning: ‘revered’ and ‘venerable.’ 

Latin in origin. 

19. Theodore

Meaning: ‘God-given’ and ‘gift of God.’ 

Greek in origin. 

20. Winston 

Meaning: ‘joyful stone.’ 

English in origin.


Whatever hopes you have for your son, these meaningful names for boys offer an excellent starting point, expressing the dedication you intend to have for each and every aspect of his life. Maybe your inspiration comes from Biblical sources, the natural world around us, the virtues you wish for your son, or something else entirely. Whatever your choice, you can rest assured, knowing your son’s name will not only sound wonderful but also have real significance beneath.