For a list of meaningful names for girls, look no further than these 20 lovely names, each steeped in beauty and tradition. Choosing a name with history and meaning for your daughter is a joyous way of ensuring this first gift you give her demonstrates the care and devotion you will always put into raising and loving her. 

Meaningful Names for Girls

From allusions to goddesses, virtuous and desirable qualities, natural wonders or all of the above, these beautiful girls’ names capture a range of notions that we all wish for our beloved daughters. 

1. Aoife 

Meaning: ‘beauty’ and ‘radiance.’ 

Irish in origin.

2. Bettina 

Meaning: ‘blessed’ and ‘God is my oath.’ 

Italian in origin. 

3. Calyn 

Meaning: ‘pure,’ ‘blessed’ and ‘holy.’ 

Greek in origin. 

4. Diana 

Meaning: ‘heavenly’ and ‘divine.’ 

Latin in origin. 

Known as the Roman goddess of wild animals, hunting, the moon, fertility, and children. 

5. Emmaline 

Meaning: ‘peaceful home.’ 

Germanic in origin. 

6. Felina 

Meaning: ‘cat-like.’ 

Latin in origin. 

7. Gillian

Meaning: ‘youthful’ and ‘child of the gods.’ 

English in origin.

8. Holly

Meaning: ‘winter evergreen,’ ‘holly grove’ and ‘dweller by the holly.’ 

English in origin. 

9. Ida 

Meaning: ‘labour’ and ‘hard-working woman.’ 

Germanic in origin. 

10. Jacinta 

Meaning: ‘beautiful’ and ‘precious stone.’

Greek in origin. 

11. Katherine 

Meaning: ‘clean’ and ‘pure.’ 

Latin in origin. 

12. Lucy 

Meaning: ‘shine’ and ‘light.’ 

Latin in origin. 

13. Melinda 

Meaning: ‘honey bee’ and ‘beautiful honey.’ 

Greek in origin. 

14. Nova 

Meaning: ‘new’ and ‘gradually shining star.’ 

Latin in origin. 

15. Olga 

Meaning: ‘blessed’ and ‘holy.’ 

Scandinavian in origin. 

16. Patricia 

Meaning: ‘noble woman’ and ‘aristocrat.’ 

Latin in origin. 

17. Rosamunde 

Meaning: ‘protector of horses’ and ‘pure rose.’ 

Germanic in origin. 

18. Stephanie 

Meaning: ‘crown’ and ‘garland.’ 

Greek in origin. 

19. Trixie 

Meaning: ‘joyful’ and ‘she who brings happiness.’

Latin in origin. 

20. Viola 

Meaning: ‘violet,’ ‘conqueror’ and ‘musician.’ 

Latin in origin.


Choosing one of many meaningful names for girls allows you to express the joy and purpose you hope for your daughter’s life. Whatever you wish for your little girl’s future, this list is a great starting place for finding the perfect girls’ name you are looking for.