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7 Ways to Overcome Dreaded Toddler Tantrums

If you're the parent of a toddler, then you probably know the overwhelming (and embarrassing) feeling of your little one having a complete meltdown. Toddler tantrums happen at the grocery store when you said no to a bag of candy, or even at the...

6 Important Tips On How To Help With Homework

Now that you're an adult, you've gotten past all that homework from school and can spend your nights relaxing, right? While this might be the case for some, it's definitely situation that parents of school-aged children need help with homework! They are required to...

101 Totally Insane And Strange Baby Names

Are you looking for a unique and cool name for your unborn baby? When it's time to pick a babies name, there are two types of parents: 1. those who want an unique or strange baby names and 2. those who prefer a more common name. But if you have to choose between a...

6 Effective Ways To Prevent Bullying For Kids

It is very unfortunate that no particular parent can bully-proof his or her kid. Bullying's can sometimes destroy your kid’s self-esteem thus making him or her feel powerless and vulnerable. Whenever he or she does not know how to fight back to prove to the opponents...

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At KMC (Kids Making Change) you can find helpful information that will actually help you to be better parents and your child to become a well rounded adult. These days, kids are taught basic information by rote in school. Test based education leaves little room for the joy and wonder of learning.

As a parent, it is your job to help your child learn how to apply knowledge memorized at school to real life. […]

About KMC

About Kids Making Change - KMC Let's face it, raising a child is not an easy task these days, especially if one doesn't know the essential principles and tools of parenting. With today's extremely busy lifestyle, one may not find the proper time to educate and parent...


 Behavior Mangement, Positive Reinforcement, Token Ecomomy and more, to help you on your parenting journey


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