Welcome to Kids Making ChangeAt KMC (Kids Making Change) you can find information that will help you to be better parents and also help your child to become an amazing person and happy and well-rounded adult.

These days, kids are taught good information at school, but test-based education leaves little room for the joy and wonder of learning, and often doesn’t encourage children to think creatively. Their learning journey and life experience needs to go beyond just what they receive at school.

To become a kid who can making change, a child needs a much broader life experience, as well as great personal self esteem, and good habits. As parents, we can open opportunities and provide discipline and guidance to our children as they grow. In doing this, we help to develop well-rounded children who are happy, considerate, and able to make change in their world.

As a parents, we can choose to instil in our kids habits that create excellence, strong personal self esteem, a mind that can conceive bigger possibilities than average, the love of learning, the understanding that there are many ways to apply their knowledge to real-life situations, and the ability to see their ideas through to fruition. Often when children are encouraged to think outside the box, and come up with creative solutions to every day situations, this is when they begin to develop the tools to become a kid who can make change.

In this blog, we discuss:

  • Entrepreneurial ideas for kids – helping your kids think outside the box
  • Positive Reinforcement and other behavior management strategies to give you tools to raise awesome kids
  • Parenting Tips, including healthy eating, kids activities, and fun parenting quotes to keep you inspired.

We hope you find lots to inspire you as a parent, and plenty that will help your kids become amazing kids making change in their world!