If you’re looking for a meaningful vintage name for your little girl, we have just the list for you. From famous literary characters of old, to saints and Biblical figures, these classic girls’ names are perfect for a child coming into the world in 2020.


Classic Names for Girls in 2020


The girls’ names we have listed below each have their own significant meaning and character. Browse through them to choose the perfect name for your precious new daughter.

1. Alice 

This name, meaning ‘noble’ and ‘kind,’ was popularised by Lewis Carroll’s 1865 fantasy novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The story has seen a multitude of retellings and adaptations, perhaps most famously in the classic 1951 Disney animated film, Alice in Wonderland. 

2. Beatrix 

Most commonly associated with Beatrix Potter, the early 20th-century author and illustrator of beloved children’s stories, such as The Tale of Peter Rabbit. This beautiful name is derived from Latin, meaning ‘blessed voyager.’ 

3. Clementine 

Latin in origin, this delightful name means ‘merciful’ and ‘clemency,’ and appears in the American western folk song, “Oh My Darling, Clementine”. 

4. Dorothy 

Known as the name of the main character in the famous Wizard of Oz works of fiction, Dorothy is sourced from Greek and means ‘vision’ and ‘gift of God.’ 

5. Edith 

Derived from Olde English and popularised during the Victorian era, Edith is known to mean ‘blessed,’ ‘happy’ and ‘fortune.’ But if you’re looking for a slightly more intense meaning, this still could be the name for you: Edith also alludes to ‘war’ and ‘prosperous in wartime.’ 

6. Flora 

Meaning ‘flower’ and ‘plant life,’ Flora is sourced from Latin and is the name of the enchanting Roman goddess of flowers and springtime. 

7. Georgette 

A French name, meaning ‘farmer’ or ‘worker of the soil,’ it is known as the name of renowned 20th-century English detective and romance novelist, Georgette Heyer. 

8. Helena 

Greek in origin, this elegant name is shared with the Roman Empress, Saint Helena, and means ‘light,’ ‘torch,’ and ‘shining light.’ 

9. Isabella

Isabella, a name famously given to many European royals, is a Latin adaptation of Elizabeth, which originates from Hebrew and means ‘devoted to God.’

10. Joanna 

A popular girls’ name of Latin origin, Joanna means ‘gift,’ ‘grace,’ and ‘God is gracious.’ 

11. Kelly 

A name originating from Irish Gaelic, Kelly was a highly popular name in America throughout the 1960s, and is known to mean ‘lively’ and ‘warrior.’ 

12. Lydia 

The name given to Saint Lydia of Thyatira in Asia Minor, this classic girls’ name is of Greek origin and means ‘beautiful,’ ‘noble one,’ ‘kind’ and ‘kindred spirit.’ 

13. Martha 

Originating from the Aramaic language and meaning ‘royal lady,’ Martha is a sweet old-fashioned girls name, with Martha known as the Biblical sister to Lazarus and Mary. 

14. Nora 

This Irish name, meaning ‘light,’ happens to be shared with the female protagonist of Henrik Ibsen’s ground-breaking 1879 naturalist play, A Doll’s House. 

15. Olivia 

Initially made popular as the name of the countess in Shakespeare’s comedy, Twelfth Night, Olivia originates from Latin and means ‘olive tree.’ 

16. Penelope 

Originating from Greek, this was the name of Odysseus’ patient wife in Greek mythology, and means ‘weaver.’ 

17. Peggy 

Peggy, a name especially popular in the 1930s, is a classic name with different meanings in different languages. Persian origins find Peggy to mean ‘child of light,’ while English roots find this lovely name refers to a ‘pearl.’ 

18. Rowena 

A girls’ name of Welsh origin, popularised as the name of a character in Sir Walter Scott’s 1819 medieval fiction novel, Ivanhoe, Rowena is known to mean ‘fair,’ ‘fame,’ and ‘joy.’ 

19. Sadie

Once used as a shortened version of the name Sarah, Sadie originates from Hebrew. Meaning ‘princess,’ Sadie has been a popular feminine name since the 19th century. 

20. Wanda 

This Slavic name means ‘shepherdess.’ While less common now than it was some decades ago, Wanda has in recent years become associated with several well-liked witch characters, including Scarlet Witch from the Marvel comic book and film series. 


These lovely names for girls remind us of some of the beauty that can be found in stories from the past, both real and fictional. This list includes classic examples that will continue to be popular throughout the 2020s and beyond.