The Bible has been a source of many beautiful and interesting names for centuries, aiding parents in choosing a name that shows the wonder and joy they find in their child. Continue reading for 20 lovely Biblical names meaning ‘blessing’ for your dear little boy or girl.

Biblical Names Meaning Blessing

The list below contains just a few of so many names originating from the Bible. Each has its own significant meaning and, whichever name you choose, your son or daughter will be blessed.

1. Abraham 

The name given by God to the Biblical patriarch Abram, as outlined in the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament.

Abraham is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘father of many’ and ‘father of nations.’ 

2. Adriel 

The name of King Saul’s son-in-law.

Adriel means ‘sent by God’ and ‘God’s helper.’

3. Asher 

Stemming from the Old Testament, Asher was the name given to Jacob’s eighth son. 

Asher means ‘blessing,’ ‘fortunate’ and ‘happy.’ 

4. Barnabas 

Barnabas, meaning ‘son of consolation,’ is Aramaic in origin.

It was the name of one of Jerusalem’s first Christian disciples. 

5. Baruch

The name of several Biblical men, including an aide to Nehemiah and a different aide to Jeremiah.

Baruch means ‘blessed’ and ‘blessing.’ 

6. Candace 

Candace is a feminine name, meaning ‘pure’ and ‘innocent.’

It was used to refer to the queen of Ethiopia in the New Testament. 

7. David 

Famously, David is the name of the boy who defeated Goliath and went on to serve as the great king of Israel.

David is Hebrew in origin and means ‘to love,’ ‘dear,’ and ‘beloved.’ 

8. Eden 

Famous as the name given to Paradise in the Old Testament Book of Genesis and Book of Ezekiel.

Eden is a unisex name, meaning ‘delight’ and ‘garden of God.’ 

9. Elizabeth 

A well-loved feminine name, meaning ‘promise of God.’ 

Known Biblically as Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, the wife of Zachariah and a friend to Mary, Mother of Jesus. 

10. Ezekiel 

Known as the author of the Book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament. 

Ezekiel is a masculine Hebrew name, meaning ‘God will strengthen.’ 

11. Hannah 

A popular girls’ name, meaning ‘favour’ and ‘grace.’ 

Known Biblically as the mother of the prophet Samuel.

12. Ibhar 

A Hebrew boys’ name meaning ‘chosen.’ 

Ibhar was one of the sons of David in the Biblical Old Testament. 

13. Immanuel 

Another Hebrew name for boys, meaning ‘God is with us.’ 

Immanuel was a sign of the prophecy, in the Book of Isaiah, of Jesus’ birth, which was fulfilled in the New Testament gospels. 

14. Isaiah 

The name of one of the major prophets of the Old Testament and the author of the Book of Isaiah, this majestic boys’ name means ‘God is salvation.’ 

15. Jair 

The name of one of the rulers of Israel as cited in the Book of Judges.

Jair is a unique male name, meaning ‘my light’ and ‘enlightener.’ 

16. Jane 

A famous name for girls, originating from Hebrew, meaning ‘God is gracious’ and ‘God is merciful.’

17. Jeremiah 

The name of a prophet referenced in the Book of Chronicles, Jeremiah means ‘exaltation of the Lord’ and ‘God will raise.’ 

18. Lois 

Originating from Greek and meaning ‘agreeable,’ ‘better’ and ‘desirable,’ 

Lois is a feminine name, shared with the devout grandmother of Saint Timothy, as described in the Second Epistle to Timothy, written by Paul, the Apostle. 

19. Matthew 

Meaning ‘gift of God’ and ‘one who has come as a reward.’ 

This Biblical boys’ name is known as one of Jesus’ 12 apostles, the author of The Gospel According to Matthew, in the New Testament. 

20. Nathaniel 

The name of several Biblical figures, including a Christian disciple referenced in the Gospel of John.

Nathaniel means ‘gift of God’ and ‘one blessed by the Lord.’ 


Children are always a blessing, and choosing one of these Biblical names meaning blessing provides a chance to express this throughout your child’s life. Whoever your child becomes, their name will show the beauty you found in them and the love and care you will always have for them.