Currently one of the most famous kids making change in the world, Swedish native, Greta Thunberg, is renowned for her environmental activism. Inspiring millions of young people to understand the current crisis of climate change and call for the political action needed to address it, Greta has been a driving force in youth-led climate activism.

She has kicked off an incredibly powerful advent of kids protesting all around the world, and shown the immense power of young people as sources of inspiration and progress in the face of monumental challenges.

The Activist

Greta Thunberg’s activism began when she was only 15. At this tender age, she started striking for climate protection and the reduction of carbon emissions, outside the Swedish legislature in the run-up to the 2018 Swedish general election. 

Since then, Greta has become something of a voice of her generation. She has been successful in inspiring and encouraging millions of young people from all around the world. Following her lead, they’ve organised, lead and actively demonstrated their passion through school strikes, demanding political change in the face of climate change and environmental devastation.

While youth can often be a major obstacle to making change or even simply ensuring one’s voice is heard, Greta has not only succeeded in spite of her young age, but in many ways, because of it. 

Seeing and hearing someone so young speak with such informed passion on an issue that will be a particular challenge for young people is striking, and is a large part of what has made Greta such an eye-catching and influential activist in recent times.

Greta’s message has been articulated everywhere, from local school strikes to TED Talks to countless media articles to assemblies before the United Nations. Her message points to the worsening humanitarian crisis caused by climate change, the lack of political action appropriately responding to climate change, and the crippling impact that climate change will have on young people and the generations of the future.

Greta calls for everyone, especially policy makers, to pay attention to scientists’ warnings of our high carbon emissions and the catastrophic effects this has had, and will continue to have, on our environment and existence. 

She advocates for a major shift in how we view our relationship with our world and each other, speaking to the importance of prioritising the lives of young people and the long-term survival of humanity, rather than short-term economic benefits of the few. 

The Inspiration

Greta’s concern for the environment became a driving force in her life when she was just 8 years old and first became aware of climate change. She soon ensured that she was doing all she could to address her concerns in her own way. She strived to lower her carbon footprint by abstaining from flying, adopting a vegan lifestyle, and diligently recycling and reusing old materials.

Greta has credited her family for their support, with their willingness to change their lifestyles and help her in her activism efforts, giving her hope for this important and needed change to occur all around the world.


As one of a steadily growing number of kids making change in the world today, Greta Thunberg will certainly go down in history as a major contributor in the fight for climate change.