If you’re looking for intelligent names for your dear little boy, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 20 smart names for boys, with historic meanings that directly relate to wisdom, wit, and understanding. 

Smart Boys’ Names

We hope the list below will help you to find the perfect name for your precious son. 

1. Aldo 

Meaning: ‘old’ and ‘wise.’

Originates from Italian.

2. Alvis

Meaning: ‘all wise.’ 

Originates from the Old Norse language. 

3. Boman 

Meaning: ‘great mind.’ 

Originates from Persian. 

4. Cassidy

Meaning: ‘clever.’ 

Originates from Irish. 

5. Dara 

Meaning: ‘one of wisdom.’ 

Originates from Hebrew. 

6. Ethan 

Meaning: ‘enduring,’ ‘strong’ and ‘firm.’ 

Originates from Hebrew. 

7. Filbert 

Meaning: ‘very brilliant.’ 

Originates from German.

8. Gilbert 

Meaning: ‘bright pledge’ and ‘bright young man.’ 

Originates from German. 

9. Hudson 

Meaning: ‘mind’ and ‘heart.’ 

Originates from English. 

10. Hugo

Meaning: ‘mind’ and ‘intellect.’

Originates from the Germanic language. 

11. Kenzo 

Meaning: ‘strong,’ ‘healthy,’ and ‘gifted treasure.’ 

Originates from Japanese. 

12. Logan 

Meaning: ‘little hollow.’

Originates from Scottish Gaelic. 

Also alludes to Logos, the notion of appealing to logic, from the Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle’s three ‘modes for persuasion.’ 

13. Matthias

Meaning: ‘gift of God’ and ‘intellectual being.’

Originates from Hebrew. 

14. Nestor 

Meaning: ‘voyager’ and ‘wise ruler.’ 

Originates from Greek. 

15. Oz 

Meaning: ‘courageous,’ ‘powerful,’ and ‘strong.’ 

Originates from Hebrew. 

16. Phoebus 

Meaning: ‘shining,’ ‘bright,’ ‘pure’ and ‘brilliant.’ 

Originates from Greek. 

17. Ray

Meaning: ‘wise protector’ and ‘beam of light.’ 

Originates from German. 

18. Sage 

Meaning: ‘wise’ and ‘knowing.’

Originates from Latin. 

19. Solomon 

Meaning: ‘peace.’

Originates from Hebrew. 

Known as the name of the famous wise king of the Biblical Old Testament. 

20. Wilber 

Meaning: ‘bright,’ ‘resolute’ and ‘wilful.’

Originates from German.


Smart names for boys don’t need to be hard to find, and this list contains just some of the many clever names you may consider for your son. These names, alluding to intelligence and wisdom, are perfect for any little boy being taught to be thoughtful and value knowledge for all his life.