diabetes symptoms in childrenDiabetes has not only become a deadly medical condition in adults but also in kids and this is why every parent needs to be vigilant every time kids develops signs that might show that they are at risk of contracting juvenile diabetes. The following are the 12 diabetes symptoms in children that you should never ignore.

Diabetes Symptoms In Children

1. High Fever

High fever in kids a sign of infections in the body whenever their kid’s immune system tries to fight the microorganisms causing the medical condition. It is important as a parent, to take your child for medical check up to ascertain his or her health condition.

2. Headache

Most kids will often complain about headache occasionally, and this may lead to several reasons and one of them being diabetes. A headache affects the wellbeing of your kid in terms of general happiness and even the moods. Checking out for this symptom will definitely help save your kids life from diabesity – 8 Steps to Reversing Diabesity.

3. Cuts and Scrapes

Most doctors often say that cuts and scrapes are number one sign of type 1 diabetes in children.

4. Vomiting

Vomiting is another sign of diabetes. Vomiting dehydrates your kid’s body through loss of fluids. Failure to treat this sign can lead to several body complications that ultimately endanger your kid’s life. It is advisable to take your kid for medical checkup as fasts as possible.

5. Diarrhea

This is among the most dangerous signs of signs of diabetes in children that no parent should ever ignore. Remember persistent diarrhea can make your kid have rectal bleeding, abdominal cramps, and weight loss that are latency stages of diabetes development. You need to seek medical attention as fast as possible.

signs of diabetes in children

6. Rashes

Since kid’s skin is often young and tender; it is a common sign of type 1 diabetes in children. As a parent, whenever you see this sign in your kid, consult a medical practitioner as soon as possible and seek for medical solution.

7. Pain While Urinating

This is amongst the vital type 1 diabetes symptoms that failure to treat can adversely affect the live of the kid. This might make the kid compliant of discomfort whenever he or she is peeing. You should notify a doctor to give your an antibiotic that you can use to treat the infection in its early phase of development.

8. Excessive Sleepiness

Whenever your kid is taking additional naps or looks to hit hay earlier than normal, there are chances that he or she is at risk of diabetes. Excessive sleep might cause your kid to develop to gain weight that is often linked with acute diabetes. You should always call a doctor to ascertain the cause of the condition of your kid.

9. Poor Interest in School

Most kids often wake up with excuses of not going to school that is amongst the diabetes symptoms in children. Most of them will tell you that they are tired or just want to hang around with you.

10. Bruises

Bruises may be another noticeable cause of diabetes in kids that every parent needs to take note. You need to discuss with your kid the main cause of the bruises and whenever they are not related with a physical injury; you must seek a proper medical attention.

11. Swelling in Joints

Just like in adults, many kids will experience severe aches in their legs and arms that are signs of diabetic in its earlier phases of development. You need to take your child for medical attention as a parent to determine the main cause of the problem.

12. Excessive Thirst

Yes, diabetes may sometimes make kids need more fluids to maintain vigorous body activities that come with a diabetes attack.


We all know kids like sweet stuff. Be aware that giving your child sweet beverages (as well as too many sweets) is not advisable even for healthy kids, as it leads to an insulin overproduction. In conclusion, evey parent needs to be vigilant the 12 diabetes symptoms in children whenever they want to protect their kids from childhood diabetes.