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Why are science activities for kids important disciplines? Learn interesting science as well as technology facts allows your kids to experiment different materials, which react in surprising ways. This will not only be a source of fun activity but also have educative impact on the lives of the kids in the future days. You can help your kids get basic materials that can help them perform experiments, which are safe and simple for kids. The following are some of the preschool science activities for your kids;

15 Science Activities For Kids

1. Floating Eggs

Eggs often sink in any normal water. What can your kid you do to make eggs float? You can give your kids an idea of adding salt to produce some surprising results. This will be a great source of fun for your kids.

2. Melting Chocolate

Enabling your kids to melt chocolate is among the best fun activities for kids under certain conditions. What would be the color of chocolate? Is it white or dark? Let your kids find out this amazing scientific study!

3. Oil and Water

What happens whenever you try mixing water and oil? Can they really mix? Let your kid find the results while enjoying the fun part of it!

Volcano preschool science activities
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4. Vinegar Volcano

Baking soda and vinegar makes an easy science and fun experiment for your kids. Let them try to create a vinegar volcano.

5. Boiled or Raw Egg?

You can test your kid’s ability to test whether an egg is boiled or raw. For sure, this will be one of the physical science activities for kids that they will never forget especially from the shocking results.

6. Bath Salts

Do kids feel like relaxing and warm experience whenever they are taking a salty bath? Teach them how to try this remarkable fun experiment while learning the hidden science behind the bath salts

7. Breeding Bacteria

Get samples for your kids from different places before enabling them to examine how the bacteria grow by process of breeding. This is another great source of fun for kids!

7. Dissolving Sugar

Many kids often dissolve sugar in drinks without knowing how it dissolves in water. This can be a good science for your kids to explore.


8. Making Music

We have several ways of creating a perfect music using homemade instruments. This is a good opportunity to prove the creativity of your kids at the same time enjoying music.

19. Floating Ping-Pong Balls

What happens when your kids combine hair dryer and a Ping-Pong ball especially from the amazing forces that get attracted to the ball can really astound your kids!

10. Make a Parachute

Allowing your kids to design at the same time build a parachute, which uses vital science principles to lower cautiously the object to the ground, can be a great idea that can make him or her be a future scientist.

11. Blowing Up Balloons

Sit back and relax while letting your kid use baking soda and vinegar reaction to blow up a balloon without using your breathe. This is amongst the science activities for kids that will stick in their minds for centuries to come.

12. Seed Germination

The process of seeds germination still forms the best science activity for preschoolers especially from how it takes place. Let your kids watch hoe the seedlings grow and the weather conditions that the seeds are subjected to such as water, sunlight and temperatures. For sure, your kids will enjoy this home based science experiment.

Easy science activities for kids, Catch the Wave with Science
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13. Balloon Speakers

Your kids using a tightly packed and compressed air in a balloon at the same time amplifying small sounds to big noises is an easy science activity for preschoolers.

14. Taste without Smell

Putting your kids senses to do a simple test through this simple experiment that proves the power and ability of your kids to sense of smell using their nose effectively.

15. Light, Color and Heat

Let the kids determine how the sun heats several colors quicker when compared to others. In addition, find out which materials absorb at the same time which ones reflect more light

I believe with the above 15 science activities for kids will not only enable them to appreciate science but also enhance their creativity.

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